Pete's Cobbler's Bench

" The Anatomy Of​ Shoes"


Proud retailers of Ja​ck Georges 


Fine Selection of American made all leather distinguished business cases, accessories and women's handbags that are functional in design and value. All items sold come with a lifetime warranty.

In addition, we restore and resell consignment shoes for women & Men ranging from Madwell to McQueen. Please come to our store and inquire about what we have in stock regardless of season.

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Hours o​f Operation 


9:00AM - 5:00PM


10:00AM - 3:00PM

What our customers are saying

I've been to a few different cobblers in and around D.C., so I have a decent number of comparative examples of Peter's competitors. I can tell you no one holds a candle to him. Whether it was cleaning up my wedding boots, fixing a pair of improperly dyed shoes, fixing my wife's heels, or cleaning up some suede, all of the items h​e's worked on have looked brand new after he did his magic.

Maybe more importantly, he has impeccable customer service, is always straightforward about what is possible, and makes it very easy to communicate with him.

You will not find a better cobbler in the city of D.C.

David Turner - Yelp


We are a small shop and the nature of our work demands uninterrupted concentration much of the time.
If we are not able to answer your phone calls in real time, please contact us via email at
[email protected] or IG: petescobblerdc

Valet  Service

Pete's Cobblers Bench is thriving to enhance the customers experience by offering VALET PICK UP AND DROP OFF SERVICE for a small extra charge. For more info how to set up for this service please contact us via email at 
[email protected] or IG: petescobblerdc

Women's or Men's shoes 

Per Month

Best Package Offer

*Sole replacements according to prefered area & quality of brand

*Recover or replacement of heels

*Dye Jobs

*Shampoo & conditioning

*Replacement of welts and re-cock foot bed

*Deep clean leather upper to remove dirt & built up polish

*Color restorations


Additional Shoe services

Per Week

Best for General Upkeep

*Shoes stretching to desired size

*Complete color change for new or old shoes

*Weatherproofing for added protection for wet or oily environments

*Cut/Lower heels for added comfort

*Slip resistance padding installations

*Replacement of buckles, rivets & tassels


Not Just shoes

Per Day

Best for Busy Homes

*Repair or replaces zippers

*Shorten or replace Belts, Staps or handbag handles

*Repair handbags & wallets

*Repair and clean leather jackets


*Sneaker/Athletic shoes restoration

*Antic leather restorations ex. collectible sword case